Practical Information

Scans of violins or violas usually are possible within two weeks notice. In order to perform the procedure, the instrument has to be in Vienna for a minimum of three days. The client assumes the responsibility for the costs of shipping and the mandatory insurance. The reconstruction of the data and the preparation of the documentation will take a minimum of one week.

Metal parts and metal wound strings can produce unwanted artifacts. Therefore it would be advantageous to have the instruments sent to Vienna with the strings removed. If this is not possible we ask our clients to use tailpieces without metal parts and to remove string adjusters.

The micro CT scans are taken at the premises of the Vienna Micro-CT Lab with a Viscom X8060 II scanner. Because the scanner is unique there is no suitable substitute; in the event of a technical break-down delays cannot be excluded with certainty.

The documentation provided by us consists of a data CD with:

  • Three videos with 2D cuts of the body in the three main sectional planes (similar to the three demos available for download)
  • A pdf-file with a series of cuts with a distance of 1 cm (with a higher resolution than the videos)
  • 3D renderings of top and back
  • 3D renderings of segments of the body with a special emphasis on repair-work, alterations or damage

A printed version of the documentation can be provided and will be charged separately.

To provide a maximum of relevant information we would like to know for which reason a documentation is ordered (although this information is not mandatory):

  • To prepare a restoration?
  • To get data for research?
  • For reasons of evaluation?
  • As a basis for a sale / purchase?

Dendrochronological tests, thickness measurement of the plates or the documentation of the height of the arching are possible but not part of the standard procedure. They can be provided for an extra charge.

At the request of our clients we will make every effort to answer special questions or generate visualizations which deviate from the standard procedure.


Due to the high resolution of the scans and the resulting huge data volume, the generation of the raw data is very costly. It is our goal to provide a maximum of information for our clients – a service which is very time-consuming. The costs for a documentation are 3.500 € (VAT not included). It is possible to run a scan with two violins simultaneously. In this case the charge will be reduced to 3.000 € each (VAT not included).